Turnkey Fish Drying Solutions

The process of fish drying (stockfish processing) has evolved dramatically over the years. Traditionally a labor costly process at the mercy of external (relative humidity, weather, temperature, etc.) circumstances. Today dryed fish is being processed using advanced methods of drying in a controlled environment, thus reducing spoilage, an improved quality of product and shelf life.

Samey has over the years built up outstanding know-how in fish drying technology including:

Dried Fish - StockfishSolutions that fit your needs

We deliver turnkey solutions that fit your needs. Our fish drying systems are modular and scalable, giving you increased flexibility on your site.

We have designed and delivered since 1996:

Fish drying processing description

In order to better understand our fish drying process, the following is a list of the basis of the our fish drying process, from infeed to dispathing.

Main components

Ergonomical fish drying processing lines.

The automated fish drying processing line is ergonomically designed to facilitate work and maintain good employee health. Infeed system is automated, batches are precisely weighted and delivered to workers. Stainless steel construction designed for easy cleaning and promoting a bacteria free environment.

Automated Stacking Module - Dried FishAutomatic stacking of stockfish using robots.

With an infeed of racks from a processing line the robot stacks them automatically then when the stack is ready it is pushed out of the chamber for pickup and delivery to a drying chamber.

High efficiency drying chambers.

As cost of drying often comes down to energy cost, our drying chambers are designed with energy efficiency and space utilization in mind. The chambers use a heat pump that controls both the temperature and humidity of the chamber ensuring highly controlable drying cycles resulting in consistant quality of produce and predictable cost of drying. For optimal energy use we use a patented solution for heat exchange and waste heat recovery, resulting in a unique solution with zero waste energy.

Our chambers are fully automated and the drying cycle can be precisely monitored and managed using a touch screen interface with built in product recipies. Using our chambers you can produce a higher quality product at lower cost.

Automated Destacking Module - Fish DryingAutomatic destacking of dryed product using robots.

Stacks of finished dryed products are fed to our robotic destacking cell. The robot then picks up the rack, destacks it and outputs the now empty rack in a new stack, from there they are taken to cleaning and back to the processing lines.

The dryed fish is then moved to a storage area for a secondary drying process.

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