Operational security

Operational security and the maximum uptime of your systems is built on the foundation of correct solutions and top of the line service. Our service department has decades of experience in servicing automation systems.

Proactive maintenance, planed repairs, emergency service, 24/7 service phone and a reliable spare part service is what we offer.


We offer outstanding maintenance and repair services on all our automation solutions. The best way to ensure the optimal operation for your system is with proactive maintenance through a service level agreement with us.

Service: +354 510 5200

Spare parts

The correct spare part at the correct time is vital. Our specialists in the service department know automation, they analyse the problem and ensure that the right part is delivered at the right time.

Spare parts: +354 510 5211

Automation parts

We offer a wide range of automation parts from global leaders in automation supply such as SMC, Festo, Sick,  Fanuc, Yokogawa and many more.

Sales: +354 510 5211