The SR-Tub infeed system is the most advanced infeed system on the market. The system is fully automatic and handles multiple spices and sizes offering a very gentle treatment and even flow of the raw material into the production. A forklift operator or an AGV brings stacks of tubs to the infeed conveyors. The robot takes one tub at the time and gently lays the raw material into a washing / buffer conveyor and the raw material goes from there into the production. a mechanical sensor on the infeed conveyor automatically orders a new batch when it is needed. The robot then delivers the empty tub into a washing machine, takes a clean tub from the outfeed end of the washing machine ans stacks it up on an outfeed conveyor. the clean stack of 4 tubs then automatically moves out of the system where a forklift driver or an AGV picks it up.

When the system is not feeding raw material into the production it can be put into washing mode. Empty stacks of dirty tubs are put on the infeed conveyor and the robot places them straight into the washing machine and delivering clean tubs out of the system in stacks.

The SR-Tub system can handle multiple tub sizes.