The SR-Salmon box destacker is an independent robot cell that takes full salmon boxes from a pallet that is placed into the cell and feeds salmon into the production. The special designed box gripper on the robot scans the box layer and picks up one box, cuts the box straps and gently tilts the box around. The gripper then opens the box and feeds the salmon into further processing.

After emptying the box it is placed on a conveyor that brings the empty box into a press waste container

The system is scalable and can be extended with pallet infeed conveyors adding both capacity and product flexibility.

Key benefits:

  • Automatic infeed of boxes
  • Minimizing manual work
  • High capacity
  • Minimizing fork lift traffic
  • Scalable high capacity system
  • Complete turn-key solution.

Our systems are fully automatic and are operating in several locations around the world.