The SR-Pallet destacker is an independent robot cell that takes pallets from the top of empty pallet stacks and places it on a conveyor. The pallet stacks come one by one on a conveyor into the robot cell.
When a stack is in place a positioning system with laser sensors confirms the exact location of the top pallet. Then the robot picks it up and places it on a pallet conveyor that takes it out of the cell and into the production. Every other pallet in the stack is upside down, the robot picks it up, turns it and drops it the same way.

The system is scalable and can be extended with additional robotic cells adding both capacity and product flexibility.

Key benefits:

  • Automatic pallet storage feeding one pallet at the time into production.
  • High capacity.
  • Minimizing forklift traffic during production
  • Scalable high-capacity system
  • Complete turn-key solution.

Our systems are fully automatic and are operating in several locations around the world.